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Lords leather is a prominent name among the leading manufacturers and exporters of biker leather clothing, fashion leather jackets, leather gloves and many other leather based garments. Our skilled workers put their extraordinary workmanship, energies and ideas to develop a new range of leather wear product with an innovative & stylistic touch and are raising the standard quality to the entire satisfaction of our customer around the globe. Because of their persistent efforts and brilliance process, our products have become a hallmark of excellence and top standard quality.
Lords Leather offer an exclusive range of fashion leather jackets, which put the final impression on your dressing. And if you have a jacket in leather, its impact on you dressing is more than double as compare to simple jacket. Leather jackets are now a day’s king of the dressing, expressing the personalities like punk, biker or police offices. Due to its natural character of malleable and breathable, its take an icon status in fashion industry. This modern world of media gives a great promotion to leather jackets and leather garments through television and films.
Leather jackets were actually design to act as second skin to protect your body from environments and other rough / tough. But Due to gradually changes in use and styles of leather wear, can be classified to some major categories like leather fashion jacket, leather bomber jackets, aviation jackets, movies replica jackets, motorcycle leather jacket or biker jackets, leather biker trouser, leather pant. leather not only take part in jackets, but also make its position in other garments like leather pants, leather motorcycle trouser, biker safety suit, leather chaps, leather vest, leather boots, gloves, leather caps, leather undergarments and leather club wears etc...
Lords leather has been producing different leather garments for all age level. With a lot much experience in the manufacturing of leather garments, we commit and maintain our high quality standard. Our dedicated team of experts produces not only the premium quality leather wears but also put their efforts to make new incredible styles and design trends in the leather fashion industry. We work for the industry big wholesale leather supply chain regarding designing and supplying of leather wears. With having our own manufacturing unit and a dedicated team of experts, we can take huge quality orders and single jacket order. We same pay attention to single order customer or wholesale order customer, our priority is to provide same customer service to all level client.
Lords Leather are proud to say that our products are being supplied to the major marketing brands around the world, which are full tribute for the quality, we present. We welcome to wholesale leather garments seller and leather retail store owner to take advantage from our premium quality leather product and drop shipping service. We offer huge range of leather garments wear at very reasonable rate, with 100% money back guarantee. You promise you the high quality leather garment products and customer services.